MedChoice Infusion Services

Practice Evaluation, Feasibility & Planning

  • Feasibility Study
  • Gap Analysis
  • Financial Performa
  • Space Planning & Build-out
  • Licensing & Permit Requirements
  • Implementation Plans
  • Standard Operational Procedures (SOPs) & Process Planning

Drug Inventory, Infusion Equipment & Setup

Through strategic partners, the MedChoice team provides discounted infusion room furniture, equipment and supplies. Additionally, MedChoice negotiates and sets up vendor and manufacturer contracts.

  • Vendor Negotiation
  • Drug Purchasing & Inventory Management
  • Infusion Pumps and Supplies
  • Infusion Room Furniture Purchase & Install

Revenue Cycle Management

  • Payer Contract Analysis
  • Benefit Investigation Strategies
  • Prior Authorization, Pre-Determination, & Clinical Protocol Processes
  • Billing, Collecting, and Cash Posting
  • Manufacturer Assistance Programs
  • Banking and Accounting

Skilled Infusion Nurse & Support Staff

  • Experienced Infusion Nurses
  • Treatment Documentations
  • Support Staff to Assist with Patient Coordination
  • Patient Scheduling & Follow up
  • Operational Oversight and Reporting

Office Infusion Software & Technology

MedChoice provides robust infusion center workflow management software to streamline and reduce the complexity of managing infusion centers:

  • Chair-Optimized Infusion Scheduling
  • Inventory Management
  • Treatment Documentation
  • Pre-Treatment Workflow
  • Standard & Customized Reporting